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Preventative Services And Physicals Specialist

Essencia Family Practice and Immediate Care Clinic

Olusesan Olotu, MD

Family Medicine located in Carrollton, TX

Prevention is better than cure. Many serious illnesses and conditions could either be prevented or treated early by timely and age-appropriate comprehensive physical examination. At Essencia Primary Care and Immediate Care Clinic, Carrollton, Texas, we offer comprehensive preventative services and physicals tailored to your needs. Call now or book online to schedule your physical. We have same day and evening appointments.

Preventative Services and Physicals

What preventative services do you offer?

We emphasize the importance of Wellness and preventative healthcare services at Essencia Family Practice and Immediate Care Clinic. The services we offer include annual preventative examination, age-appropriate screening, immunization services weight loss, smoking cessation and many other lifestyle and wellness services. Call us today for more information and to book an appointment.

What is a Physical?

Depending on the purpose of the physical, we will obtain your medical history including your lifestyle, medications, vaccinations, other personal and family history. We will obtain your vital signs including your blood pressure, heart rate, weight and height. Our physician will then review the medical information collected, perform a comprehensive physical examination on you, discuss the findings with you and give you guidance on how to optimize your health.

What are the different types of physical?

Physicals vary depending on the purpose. Generally, everybody needs annual preventative physicals which is fully covered by most insurance companies at no cost to you. This type of physical is strongly encouraged by us at Essencia Family Practice and Immediate Care clinic to ensure you remain in optimal health and help you achieve your health goals.

Other common physicals include sports physical, school physical, Employment physical, DOT physical, Immigration physical. Call us today or schedule your appointment online.

What records do I need to bring to my physical?

Usually, we will need you to bring all your medications to your physical. Depending on the purpose of the examination, we may need your vaccination records, results of recent medical tests, past treatment records or records from specialists treating you for any condition.