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Depression Specialist

Essencia Family Practice and Immediate Care Clinic

Olusesan Olotu, MD

Family Medicine located in Carrollton, TX

An estimated one in 15 adults experience depression each year, so if it affects you, you’re certainly not alone. Essencia Family Practice and Immediate Care Clinic screens for, helps you understand, and treats depression to help you cope. Their warm, compassionate approach helps you get through your difficult condition. Make an appointment for depression care at Essencia Family Practice and Immediate Care Clinic in Carrollton, Texas online or over the phone.

Depression Q & A

What is depression?

Depression is a severe but treatable mood disorder that changes the way you think, feel, and act. This medical condition makes you feel glum and affects your ability to function in everyday life.

Biological changes in the brain or brain chemistry, hormone fluctuations, and genetic factors seem to play a role in the development of depression. It isn’t typically something you can't brush off or “get over.”  

What are the signs of depression?

Depression sometimes creeps in slowly and unnoticed or feels different than you expect it should, making it difficult to identify. However, you may notice you start to experience some of the most common symptoms, such as:

  • Feeling sad, low, or empty
  • Lack of interest in your favorite hobbies and activities
  • Sense of hopelessness, like there’s no point
  • Feeling worthless or guilty
  • Difficulty getting out of bed or performing normal tasks
  • Low energy
  • Appetite changes
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Thoughts of death
  • Suicidal thoughts or actions

If you or a loved one are having thoughts of suicide, call 911 or the suicide prevention lifeline 1-800-273-8255.

How do doctors screen for depression?

The doctors at Essencia Family Practice and Immediate Care Clinic can screen for depression during any routine or scheduled visit. They use the DSM-5 criteria as the basis for depression screening.

During the screening, your doctor asks about your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and may have you fill out a questionnaire about your symptoms. Your symptoms must last longer than two weeks to be considered depression.

Your doctor also performs a physical evaluation and orders lab tests. Sometimes an underlying physical problem — such as an underactive thyroid or vitamin deficiency — causes depressive symptoms.

How is depression treated?

Your doctor at Essencia Family Practice and Immediate Care Clinic promotes a multi-modal treatment approach for depression to help you find relief. Your treatment may involve medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes.


Antidepressants, such as SSRIs, help modify your brain chemistry, leading to improved mood and higher functioning. These medications may take up to two to three months to go into full effect but should offer some relief within the first week or two after.


Psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy are effective treatments for depression. Your doctor can provide support and make referrals to the proper specialists.

Lifestyle changes

Stress-reduction techniques, self-care, and exercise may further improve your mood and contribute to your overall wellbeing.

If you’re concerned about depression, contact Essencia Family Practice and Immediate Care Clinic for help by calling or using the online booking option.